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ITSAVER is a fast growing Malawian based company that offers Information Technology services;

ITSAVER was established in year 2018 the core services of providing IT Services and solutions.

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Graphic Designing

We do graphic designing of different items, Logos, wedding invitations, birthday cerebrations, Political placards and etcetera.

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IT Equipment Maintenance

At IT SAVER we maintain different IT equipment and accessories i.e. Desktops, laptops, All in one, Auto teller Machines, Money Counting Machines, printers etcetera.

We clean and dust off IT equipment, dust and dirt shortens the life of equipment and presents danger to equipment to users.

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Website Development and Hosting

We design and develop websites for different purposes. Online business, internal company web systems.

We offer Web hosting for websites and web based software. Our offer is affordable for different plans.

Today Websites serve as a portal to one’s business and services.

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Computer Systems Development

We develop, maintain and supply Personal Computer systems for different platforms. We supply maintain and develop systems like Hotel Management System, Point Of Sale and etcetera.

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Security Systems

We install and maintain different security systems, CCTV cameras, Car alarms, house alarms, and tracking systems.

We supply Personal Computer and mobile anti-malware (antivirus) software

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Supply of Computer Accessories and IT Equipment.

We supply computer accessories ( Keyboards, mice, microphones, cameras, headphones, memory cards, memory sticks, hard drives game Controllers);

We supply money counting machines, auto-teller machines for banks; Point Of sale Machines, we install automated door systems and exchange rate boards.

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Computer Networks

We set up and configure computer networks. We implement Computer networks at different levels Local Area Networks (including WLAN), Metropolitan area networks, VPN.

We configure and test Network Security. Keep Our Clients data protect all the time.

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